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3rd HTAsiaLink Annual Conference, 2014, Beijing, China

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is considered as an effective tool to improve the efficiency of health system through providing evidences for policy makers to develop policies. The Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is paying special attention to developing HTA, especially in the situation that Vietnam is on the way to achieve the universal health coverage based on health insurance. As being a multidisciplinary field of policy analysis, HTA requires close and effective coordination between policy makers, academia and other stakeholders. In 2014, Health Strategy and Policy Institute has been assigned by the Health Minister as the focal point for coordinating HTA activities in Vietnam.

HTAsiaLink, established in 2011, is a network to support collaboration between Asian HTA agencies. The network aims to foster collaboration among member agencies; facilitate exchange of HTA knowledge and experience among partner agencies; and raise awareness of decision makers regarding HTA utilization and benefits. Presently, members of the network are 9 agencies from 7 countries, including: HITAP (Thailand), NECA (Korea), CDE (Taiwan), CNHDRC (China), MOH (Singapore), NCPAM (Philippines), MaHTAS (Malaysia), DSAP (Malaysia), PSD (Malaysia). The HTAsialink annual conference is organized in order to exchange HTA knowledge and experience among member agencies and to identify development plan of the network in the next year. Besides, the conference also provides opportunity to young researchers in member agencies to present their study and obtain comments from international experts and peers.

During May 15-16, 2014, Health Strategy and Policy Institute, as being a focal pointfor coordinating HTA activities in Vietnam, attended 3rdHTAsiaLink conference at Beijing, China and also presented the current situation of HTA activities of Vietnam. This is an important step in the process of developing HTA activities in Vietnam, and the first step to bring Vietnam to HTA community in the region and over the world.

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