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An assessment of alcohol abuse in Vietnam

An assessment of alcohol abuse in Vietnam


Đam Viet Cuong, Vu Minh Hanh and colleagues



To assess the situation of alcohol abuse in Vietnam; To investigate factors that influence the increasing trend of alcohol abuse and the implementation of prevention policies at both central and local levels; To review policies o­n alcohol abuse prevention in the region and the world;To describethe implementation of prevention policies at both central and local levels in Vietnam; To recommend and prioritize policies for alcohol abuse prevention and control in Vietnam.



Secondary data analysis, household survey, in-depth interview, and focus group discussion.



- Most countries in the world issued policies to reduce alcohol related harms.

- Production and consumption of alcohol consistently increased in in the recent years.

- About 33.3% of respondents reported having consumed alcohol at least o­nce a week. 18% of respondents were wine abusers and 5% were beer abusers (based o­n WHO criteria). Influence from friends and personal excitement were the main reasons for alcohol use.

- Majority of the drinkers (95.7%) reported having taking home-made alcohol. Average alcohol consumption was rather high at 6.4 units/day.

- Economic costs of alcohol use was considerable for consumers, their families and the society.

- did not have a comprehensive alcohol abuse prevention and control policy.


- The Ministry of Health should develop and submit a national alcohol abuse prevention and control policy to the Government for its consideration and approval.

- Management and control of home-made alcohol should be enhanced. Prohibition o­n alcohol advertising, marketing, promotion, and sponsorship should be implemented.

- Strengthen information, education and communication activities o­n alcohol-related harms o­n mass media.

- Surveillance network of alcohol use and abuse in community should be established.


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