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Assisting treatment for drug withdrawal in the community: Reality and solution.

Assisting treatment for drug withdrawal in the community: Reality and solution


Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al


Place of publication: Ha Noi Department of Health

Year of publication: 2002


Objectives: To increase the effectiveness of assisting treatment for drug withdrawal.

Subjects: Health staff, staff for social evils prevention, drug addicts, authorities, leaders of the health sector, labour and social welfare.

Methods: Collection and analysis of documents, in-depth interview and group discussion.

Findings: The withdrawal clinics of districts are not used in full capacity. The existing facilities, equipments and staff do not meet the demand. Consulting activities for the addicts and their families are still limited. The treatment norms are being followed, but without emphasis o­n suitable therapies, especially psychological and consulting therapies.

It is agreed that psychotropic drug is appropriate andeffective in quick withdrawal. According to the treatment results, in 2001 there were 716 subjects having been treated by psychotropic drug.The proportion ofreccurence is about 80-90%. The fastest recurrence is after 2 weeks. Very few can keep for 6,7 months.

The factors affecting treatment results include: facilitiesof the treatment units; ensuring a non-drug surrounding environment; observation and supervision and control of patients after withdrawal...

Recommendations: There should be more feasible objectives of the withdrawal treatments. The supervision of the treatment by psychotropic drugshould be reinforced. The treatment units should improve the consultation for subjects in order to choose suitable and effective way of withdrawal. Families should co-operate with treatment units in order to control the patients after withdrawal.


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