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Departments Department of Health Services Management
Department of Health Services Management

1. Functions
- Providing evidences on the policy management to operate medical service network effectively,
- Providing evaluations, assessments, consultations on the policies and strategies related to the development of medical service network.

2. Tasks
- Doing researches on medical service systems, including:
  + Researching, evaluating, managing medical service system( public and private) and related policies.
  + Researching issues on the decentralization of medical service providers.
- Updating and sharing information, policies on the scientific research.
- Doing researches on the development of medical service network.
- Organizing and participating in undergraduate, postgraduate training on areas related to Social Health.
- Collaborating with different departments and institutions in developing medical service network.
- Etablishing and maintaining relationships with international organizations. Exchanging information, methods and experiences in related fields.
- Performing other duties as assigned by Health Strategy and Policy Institute.


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