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Evaluating the current situation of village health workers training

Evaluating the current situation

of village health workers training


Le Quang Hoanh, Bui Thanh Tam, Phan Thuc Anh,

Tran Mai Oanh, Phan Hong Van, Tuong Duy Trinh


Place of publication: Health strategy and policy institute ;Department of science and training - Ministry of Health

Year of publication: 2000


Research to evaluate the training programme for village health workers was conducted to evaluate the situation of village health workers training in recent years in order to find out solutions for increasing the quality and effectiveness of village health workers training.

The research was conducted in seven provinces in different ecological areas. Questionnaires were sent to different groups of subjects: village health workers, commune health station, leaders of the commune people's committee, the district health centre and health department. Information related to village health workers training was also collected from the central level and provinces.

The research findings include:

Part 1: Description of the characteristics of village health workers, their opinions about the reality of village health activities.

Part 2: Contents of the training programme for village health workers which has been being used (the standard programme of the Ministry of Health, programmes produced by the province and projects).

The main conclusions: The village health staff is various in age, education level, professional level and work experience. 85% of the village health workers being asked have taken part in professional training courses from 1-12 months. 42,2% want to improve their professional level. Most of the localities have paid attention to the training of village health workers. The training programmes are various in the sources, contents and length of time. 98% of the village health workers being asked considered the contents as appropriate.All the programmes clearly state the objectives of studying, distribute more time for practice and apply active learning methods in the community. Village health workers are cared for and assisted by the local authorities with different forms and levels.


1. Village health workers should be trained and retrained o­n the basis of a single programme.

2. The training staff and place are arranged by the district health centre together with the province secondary medical school.

3. The funding for village health workers training is taken from the local budget. For mountainous provinces it is taken from the fund for poverty reduction or from government projects.

4. Encouraging active learning methods, reinforcing practice in the community with the method of direct instruction.

5. The assessment instruments should be simple and suitable.

6. Local health, authorities should provide sufficient working conditions and assistance for village health workers.


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