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Introduction Functions and Tasks
Functions and Task

Functions and Tasks
According to the decision No.674/QĐ-BYT on 01/03/2013, the Ministry of Health issued the charter of organizing and operating of the Health Strategy and Policy Institute.

The Health Strategy and Policy Institute is a bussiness units under the Ministry of Health, its functions are doing researches to provide siencetific evidence, provide consultations for The Ministry of Health to build and modify strategies, health policies, training and collaborating with international partners in the field of Health policy and Healthcare systems.

1. Doing scientific researches
a) Providing scientific evidences about the circumstances in VietNam and the world to build and modify health policies.
b) Evaluating (periodic and on-demand) on the implementation and impact of health policies.
c) Forecasting and providing evidences for the construction, modification and implementation of health policies.
d) Integrating and analyzing data, research evidences on health policies - Vietnam's population and global population.

2. Consultation
a) Providing consultation on the development of the Health sector
b) Providing consultation on building and modifying the Health – Population policy.
c) Leading or participating in strategy development, health – population policies as assigned by the Ministry of Health.

3. Training
a) Organizing short-term and long-term training on health – population policy as prescribed by law.
b) Organizing and participating in postgraduate training in the field of health policies and health systems as prescribed by law.

4. International Collaboration
a) Organizing and developing on the implementation of the bilateral and multilateral international programs on health – population policies.
b) Exchanging experts, research staff in the framework of law.

5. Units Management: Managing units under autonomy, self-responsibility in accordance with current regulations.

1. Be entitled to request agencies and units of the Health sector to provide information and documents necessary for researching and providing evidences for the construction, modification of health – population policies.
2. Be entitled to provide scientific evidence for the construction, modification of strategies and health – population policies.
3. Be entitled to give suggestions, opinions objectively, based on the scientific for the construction, implementation, evaluation and adjustment of strategies, health – population policies.
4. Be entitled to participate in consulting the construction, modification and evaluation of the strategies, health – population policies.
5. Be entitled to organize research services, training on health – population policies as prescribed by law.


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