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Researches Health financing
Gender differences in people

Gender differences in people's paying readiness for a community-based health insurance model

in a rural area of Vietnam


Vuong Lan Mai

Master thesis in Public Health

UmeaUniversity - Sweden, 2005


Objectives: To study differences related to gender in people's readiness to pay for a community-based model of health insurance and factors affecting these differences in order to provide information for policy makers to determine the fee level and reasonable beneficiary unit of the model.

Methods: Cross-sectional study, using the method of random evaluation to analyze people's paying readiness.

Findings: Compared to males, females have lower level of education, smaller number of family members and elderly family members, lower proportion of people under insurance (of any kind), higher proportion of farmers and belonging to poor households, more children in the household. These characteristics have an effect o­n the paying readiness for a community-based model of health insurance. This readiness is higher for males than for females. Males are ready to pay an average of 20073 VND while females are ready to pay 16682 VND. Poor people's readiness is lower than that of rich people.

Conclusion: The difference in socio-economic factors between males and females has an influence o­n their paying readiness for health insurance. Males are more ready to pay than females.

Recommendations: It is necessary to study differences related to gender in people's readiness to pay for health insurance. In order to protect poor people, women and elderly people, the beneficiary unit of community-based health insurance cards should be the households.


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