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Researches Medical sociology and HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS spread in Quang Ninh because of high-risk behaviours: Reality and solutions

HIV/AIDS spread in Quang Ninh because of high-risk behaviours: Reality and solutions


Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al

Place of publication: International family health organisation

Year of publication: 1998


Objectives: Study the population and social characteristics of high-risk behaviour groups and their relationship with other population groups.

Subjects: Drug addticts, prostitutes and whoremasters.

Place: six wards of Halong city.

Methods: Collection of available information and documents, observation and in-depth interview.

Findings: The drug addicts are mostly male young people with average level of education and without a stable job. Whoremasters are mostly males of different ages with high income. There are differences in the reason to participate in high-risk behaviour of each group. The proportion of safe sex behaviour is low in all three groups. The proportion of STD infected in the groups of prostitutes and whoremasters is very high. Unsafe injection is normally done in public places, therefore, the risk of spread to the community because of careless throwing of used syringesis very high. Drug use is always connected with unsafe sex behaviour of the addicts. Whoremasters are the group with the highest potential risk of HIV spread to the community. The awareness of the danger of HIV/STD is still not adequate.

Recommendations: Increasing propaganda and education for high-risk groups. Promoting the active role of peer groups. Carrying out direct intervention measures at the hot locations in order to limit the break out of the epidemic.


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