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Researches Medical sociology and HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS spread in Vietnamese-Chinese border area because of high-risk behaviours in Lao Cai town

HIV/AIDS spread in Vietnamese-Chinese border area because of high-risk behaviours in Lao Cai town


Luu Hoai Chuan, Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al


Place of publication: National Committee for AIDS prevention

Year of publication: 1997


Objectives: To study the scale, level, and characteristics of prostitution and drug use behaviour; To recognize and estimate the possibility of HIV transmission over the border through these activities.

Subjects: Drug addicts, prostitutes and whoremasters in Lao Cai town and Ha Khau, China.

Methods: Quick assessment, collection of available information and documents, observation and in-depth interview.

Findings: The border area of Lao Cai town has favourable conditions for the development of social evils and HIV/AIDS. Whoremasters are mostly people with average or upper-average income, of familiar behaviour and high risk of STD and HIV/AIDS infection. The subjects groups have a narrow orbit, but they cross the border fairly often and have strong relationships with Chinese people; Their level of sex life reveals a very high risk of HIV infection. The proportion of people infected with STD is high. Most of them lack knowledge about HIV/AIDS and methods of prevention; The task of controling the transmission of HIV/AIDS over the border has not been paid sufficient attention.

Recommendations: It is necessary to carry out direct intervention measures at hot locations, for example: distributing free syringes and condoms. Renovate forms of propaganda, promote the role of peer groups. There should be co-operation of local authorities in the behaviour changing assistance for the subjects.


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