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 In Viet Nam, with the increasingly number of vehicles and transportation, the capacity to control traffic situations is becoming more and more difficult while Viet Nam is now considered having the highest number of traffic accidents. To ensure safety, intervention needed to be approach comprehensively. Monitoring, ensuring healthcare for vehicle drivers is one of the indispensable intervention. 

In many countries, health inspection is always the first step in order to approve and provide driver’s license. The result of the assessment of health conditions is the important factor for authorities to decide whether individuals are able to learn, participate and achieve certifications and control vehicles. The health evaluation-standardized was developed by nations in an effort to help individuals and authorities evaluate the health conditions of applicants. Normally, it is very simple but also very specific, it includes clear orientation and make it easily apply for doctors. In Viet Nam, the Ministry of Healthy promulgated “The health standard of vehicle drivers” according to decision No 4132/2001/QĐ-BYT on 04/10/2001 as the basis for medical facilities take the examination on applicants.   

However, in the process of implementing the criteria have shown the deficiencies and factors that are not suitable for the medical facilities as well as the evaluation/conclusions health status. To conducting more information for the construction, additional documents on healthcare for vehicles drivers that are suitable for practical requirements, the Ministry of Health assigned the Health Strategy and Policy Institute in collaboration with Department of medical examination and treatment carried out researches to assess the health status examination for transport control and understanding of international experience relevant to this problem. The objective of the study:

1. Illustrates the current situation of examination process, provision and management of the Health Certification for road-vehicle drivers in Public health units.

2. Finding the inadequacies when applying the Health Evaluation-Standardized for vehicle drivers in Public health units.

3. Propose solutions for examination and provide Health certification for vehicle drivers. 

From 11st to 13rd March 2014, the Missions started the evaluation in Hai Phong- one of the three target province. The Missions had projects with Department of Health, Department of Transportation, Viet Tiep Hospital, Center of training and driving test, An Lao Hospital and Ngo Quyen hospital. Through working process, the research's content attracted lots of attention from different departments and sectors and it was identified as necessary activity. Hai Phong, which is the first province, organize and Health Examination for 100% professional drivers before 30/4/2013 under the supervision of Department of Transportation. Besides, under the orientation of City People's Committee, Department of Health in Hai Phong co-operate with Department of Transportation in order to promulgate, agree on the sample of Health Certification and allow the Health units to examine vehicle drivers according to Decision 14/2013/TT-BYT on 06/05/2013 about the examination guidelines and classification of general health, in which include examination for students, workers. According to Decision No 4132/2001/QĐ-BYT about the health standard for driving with 14 contents of clinical examination (60 criterias), 7 psychological and physical tests, 4 sub-clinical tests and diagnostic imaging with 158 criterias needed to meet requirements. Examination and Health classification for drivers is the daunting challenge for medical staffs and the Health sector.

In local hospitals, the Missions received few ideas from medical personnel who directly examine drivers' health conditions that we need to do researches, assessment, modification the set of criteria to be reliable, realistic, and scientific and relate to the traffic situations. More importantly is the issues about vision, mobility, neuropsychiatric, records of addiction to stimulants: drugs, alcohol and heart diseases.

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