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Researches Health financing
Overview of community-based financial models

Overview of community-based financial models


Nguyen Khanh Phuong

Journal of health sociology, No 4, 2001


Objectives: To give an overview of community-based health financial models.

Methods: Analysis of available documents and surveys in Thai Binh, An Giang and Binh Thuan provinces.

Findings: The community-based health financial models include: (1) Financial supply for health at the commune level during the subsidized period; (2) Collecting fee for commune health stations; (3) The community health insurance model; (4) Model of community participation in charity to assist poor people; (5) Model of the commune fund of health; (6) Model of capital turnover for medicine and medical equipments for commune health stations.

Conclusion: The community-based health financial models in Vietnam are fairly diverse. These forms increase the household expenses for the state health services. Each form of community finance has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Recommendations: (1) When implementing these models, it is necessary to consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the models and the suitability for each locality; (2) There should be clear and unified regulations about fee collection at the commune/ward health stations: when to collect fee, what the prices are, how to use the fee collected, the role of local authorities... (3) Strengthen the implementation of health care for people with health insurance cards at the commune level, and increase the quality of health care services of commune health stations; (4) Implement community health insurance in rural areas with the financial assistance from the government and other sources.


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