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Quick assessment of the implementation results “Renovating style, service attitude of health workers towards the satisfaction of patients” according to Decision No. 2151 / QD-BYT dated 04/6/2015

Satisfaction of service users is an important indicator denotes the quality and operating efficiency of the providers of medical services. To contribute to improving the quality of provided health care services throughout the country; on 04/6/2015, the Ministry of Health has issued Decision No. 2151 / QD-BYT on the approval of the implementation plan, “Renovating style, service attitude of health workers towards the satisfaction of patients”.

To implement the directive of the Ministry of Health Leadership, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute  have conducted quick assessment of 1 year deployment results of implementation “Renovating style, service attitude of health workers towards the satisfaction of patients” in order to provide evidence for the Online Conference 1-year preliminary implementing Decision No. 2151/QD-BYT.

In the period from 12/7 to 17/7/2016, research groups of the Health Strategy and Policy Institute  in collaboration with the Department of Personnel, the Ministry of Health has conducted assessment survey in 10 hospitals, including 4 central hospitals (Bach Mai Hospital, Otolaryngology Hospital, Da nang C Hospital, Can Tho Central Government General Hospital), 3 provincial general hospital (Ninh Binh General Hospital, Da Nang General Hospital, Can Tho General Hospital) and three district general hospital (Yen Khanh district general hospital, Phong Dien district general hospital and Hoa Vang district health center).

Working with the Steering Committee for implementation of the Scheme 2151 at the Bach Mai Hospital

Researchers of the Health Strategy and Policy Institute with the medical staff of Hoa Vang district health center

Preliminary results from the study have showed the initial impact of the deployment of synchronization tasks set out in the Decision No. 2151/QD-BYT on patient satisfaction with health care services in the hospitals in the survey area. Leaders and healh workers in the unit have recognized the importance of the style, service attitude, communication skills with the patient in performing their tasks and were enthusiastic in implementating Decision No. 2151. Health workers also had many changes in style and attitude of service to the patient. Most patients have satisfied expression for medical services at 10 hospitals surveyed for satisfaction all 5 groups constitutes quality indicators health care services are at a high level > 80%.

The study also collected detailed information on how to implement the Decision 2151 / QD-BYT at all units, explore the lessons and the difficulties, shortcomings and suggestions / recommendations making implementing Decision 2151 more effective in the future.

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