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Research Assessment 1 year results of implementation of Circular No. 14/2014 / TT-BYT prescribed of referrals among health care facilities in some provinces

In recent years, hospital overcrowding in central hospitals and provincial hospitals in large cities has caused a sensation in society. To remedy these shortcomings, the Ministry of Health has advised the Prime Minister to promulgate synchronous solutions: Scheme reduce hospital overcrowding period 2013 - 2020, the scheme Satellite Hospital, Project 1816, scheme family doctor (GP), ... Along with the above measures, tightening regulations on transit is regarded as one of the important measures to reduce the load for the regional hospital.

In fact, the provisions on transit and have been made long ago, but because of high enforcement should not overload worsening. To overcome limitations in the work of transit, on 14/04/2014 The Minister of Health has issued Circular No. 14/2014/TT-BYT provides for the referral between health care facilities and circulars. This takes effect from the date of 06/01/2014.

After more than one year to implement the provisions of referral among healthcare facilities with a range of solutions to reduce overcrowding in hospitals, hospital overcrowding in hospitals on are gradually being overcome . However, to make this Circular really effective, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute in collaboration with the Department for Management of health care - the Ministry of Health conducted a study “Research Assessment 1 year results of implementation of Circular No. 14/2014 / TT-BYT prescribed of referrals among health care facilities in some provinces” aiming:

1. Review the implementation of Circular 14/2014 / TT-BYT at some clinics and Treatment of State in some provinces.

2. Analysis of the limitations and shortcomings for transit operations in medical facilities after one year of implementation of Circular 14.

3. Propose a number of measures to increase the efficiency of transit operations between the medical facility.


From 24/11 to 24/12/2015, the research group has conducted evaluation deployment at central hospitals (Bach Mai Hospital, Hue Central General Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Hospital for Paediatrics, Central Maternity Hospital, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, Hospital of Endocrinology, Pulmonary Central Hospital and Central Hospital K) and the hospital / specialty of 4 cities / provinces (Quang Ninh, Phu Tho, Hue and Dong Deer). Through the work in the units, research group has collected detailed information about the implementation of Circular 14/2014 / TT-BYT in some medical establishments; the results achieved; the limitations and shortcomings in the process of implementation; suggestions/recommendations…

The results of this study will provide evidence to help the implementation of Circular referral effective and sustainable in practice.


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