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Researches Medical sociology and HIV/AIDS
Research results of the implementation of a health socialization model in Bac Kan province

Research results of the implementation of the Health socialization model in BacKan province


NguyenThi Thanh, Tran Thi Mai Oanh,

Khuong Anh Tuan, Nguyen Thi Thuy


Sub-project of the national scientific project: Research o­n the real situation and model construction of health socialization in order to maintain equity and effectiveness in health care for people

Place of publication: Health strategy and policy institute

Year of publication: 2001


After researching to evaluate the reality of health socialization in seven provinces and cities, the next period is to conduct a pilot intervention researchon a health socialization model in the community with the objective of experimenting the implementation of the health socialization model in a mountainous commune in order to improve effectiveness and equity in health care for people.

Based o­n the identified criteria, Tan Tien commune of Bach Thong district was chosen to be the intervention commune and Quan Binh was the control commune.

The intervention contents:

- Reinforcing the role of the Primaryhealth care committee

- Increasing effectiveness of the commune health station

- Reainforcing health communication and education

- Piloting health insurance at the commune level

- Building a free medicine cabinet for poor people

- Building a medicinal herbs garden

- Providing some health equipments and documents for the health station

Results after o­ne year of intervention:

- The activities of the Primaryhealth care committee have been significantly effective. Its reinforcement has been put in the Resolution of the Commune People's Committee.

- Increase in the activities of the health station has been significant: examination and treatment, medicine distribution, primaryhealth care. Health insurance implementation at the commune level resulted in an increasing number of patients coming to the health station and thus increasing the accessibility of health care services for people. The knowledge level of village health workers has also been improved.

- A medicinal herbs garden has been formed; people have also been instructed in growing and using medicinal herbs.

- The commune health station has got a cabinet of essential medicine for poor people.

- Health care propagandahas been planned and improved in quality and quantity.

- Assistance of the district: sending doctors to help the health station, transferring health insurance medicine, regularly supervising the activities of the health station.

Some recommendations:

- It is necessary to have specific operating regulations and instructions for the Health care committee.

- Upgrading the facilities and equipments for the health station, funding for health care for poor people.

- Realizing health insurance at the health stations of mountainous communes.

- Mobilizing the community in growing and using medicinal herbs.

- Translating information to the languages of ethnic minorities.

- Issuing encouraging policies for human resources development for commune health stations.


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