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Second Meeting of the of the Asia HTA Policy Forum, Manila, The Philippines

Asia HTA Policy Forum is annually organized by Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) and Office of Health Economics, United Kingdom (OHE). The aim of the Forum is to promote an open, in-depth and constructive exchange of views and ideas on health technology assessment (HTA) between policy makers in Asia, to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of health systems in Asia and promote a market that sustains innovative industries. The first meeting of Asia HTA Policy Forum was organized in Seoul, South Korea in 2013. The topic of the first forum was “HTA and Decision Making in Asia: how can the available resources be used most effectively to deliver high quality HTA that can be used by health system decision makers?”

Dr Chris Henshall, Chair of the Organizing Committee, 2nd Meeting of the Asia HTA Policy Forum introduced about objective and topic of the forum)

The Second Meeting of the of the Asia HTA Policy Forum was organized in 2 days on July 10-11, 2014 in Manila, The Philippines. The topic of the 2014 meeting was “The Transferability of HTA” – the topic identified at the Seoul meeting. 50 participants attending the meeting came from 10 countries including the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, The Philippines and Vietnam represented by Health Strategy and Policy Institute. Discussions at the meeting covered the transferability of HTA systems and the transferability of HTA assessment methods, data and reports. The participants also discussed to identify actions to improve transferability.

Group discussion to identify actions to improve transferability of HTA  

Health Strategy and Policy Institute attended and presented on the current situation of HTA activities of Vietnam and the difficulties and challenges it faces during the process. Attending the Forum is one of important activities in the process of networking and regional and global integration in the field of HTA of Vietnam. 

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