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Some issues concerning gender among health care providers and users

Some issues concerning gender among

health care providers and users


Luu Hoai Chuan, Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al


Place of publication: Health policy department - Ministry of Health

Year of publication: 1999


Objectives: To identify gender differences in health care providers and users, propose solutions to eliminate those differences.

Subjects: people directly involved in state health services provision, patients being treated and people who have been or will be using health services.

Methods: Collection of available information, in-depth interview, group discussion and survey.

Findings: There exists a significant difference in the status of men and women in the state health services: the proportion of women holding leaders' positions is much lower than that of men while women normally are the majority. Professional status of women is also lower. The opportunities to study for professional improvement are also limited for women. However, in providing health services both men and women can successfully promote their roles, especially women. Treating policies for the staff at the health services are adequate for democracy, equity and follow regulations.

In the field of health services use, the habitual behaviour in the case of illnesses is clearly influenced by gender, living standard, area of living... The habit of choice of health services is also different between men and women. Opportunities for women to access health services at higher levels are fewer than for men. The proportion of self-decision concerning health care is similar between men and women.

Recommendations: Some regulations should be included in staff training and retraining. It is necessary to diversify the forms of training, give priority to women, The issue of planning, training and promotion for women officials need to be prioritized. Communication about gender and the role of each gender in health services provision and use should be strengthened.


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