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Researches Medical sociology and HIV/AIDS
Some issues on scientific and practical basis of health socialization

Some issues o­n scientific and practical basis of health socialization


Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al

Place of publication: Health strategy and policy institute

Year of publication: 2000


Objectives: To clarify some issues o­n scientific and practical basis of health socialization.

Methods: Collection and analysis of available data and information, in-depth interview, group discussion and workshop with specialists.

Findings: The basic concepts such as socialization, social mobilization, diversification... as well asscientific and practical basis of health socialization have been clarified.

Although the concept of socialization is fairly common in documents and mass media, its connotation has not yet been defined as a scientific concept. The concepts of socialization and social mobilization are rather similar. There still exist inadequate ways of understanding these two concepts. Socialization and social mobilization are not simply appealing for people's contribution to increase resources, but the process of attracting direct participation of social groups, individuals, families and the community in health care, thus creating social supervision for health activities in order to enable the development of the health branch in the positive direction, meeting thedemand of people.

Scientific basis of health socialization consists of psychological and sociological basis, and approaches in community development.

The policy of health socialization derives from various practical basis: the development of the welfare system and public relations policies of our government that have been carried out over the last half of the century.

Recommendations: It is suggested not to use the term socialization, but use the termsocial mobilization instead, and provide a full definition of this concept in order to overcome misunderstandings about social mobilization. Social mobilization for health care should be realized using an appropariate approach in community development.


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