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Study “Investigate the possibility of integrating HIV/AIDS outpatient clinics into state hospitals”: survey in Dien Bien province

Vietnam currently has about 214, 000 people living with HIV/AIDS1. The estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDs in need of treatment by 2012 is 100,0002 with around 66,000 people are currently on treatment3. In Viet Nam, the HIV/AIDS curative and preventive services for people living with HIV/AIDS are provided at the outpatient clinics (OPCs), including HIV counselling and testing, examination, assessment of the clinical stages, provision of treatment for opportunistic infections, ARV treatment, prophylaxis treatment, management and provision of care for children living with HIV/AIDS, and referral to other services or linkage with community based care and support services. These OPCs are mainly financial supported by donors.

However, in the context that Vietnam, used to be a low-income country, has become a middle-income country, international donors has been and will cut financial support in many sectors, including health sector. This means Vietnam should have strategic solutions to maintain the delivery of HIV/AIDScurative and preventive services, and one possible solution is integrating these OPCs into state hospitals. Therefore, Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI) has been collaborating with Management Science for Health (MSH) organization to conduct study “Investigate the possibility of integrating HIV/AIDS outpatient clinics into state hospitals”.

The study is conducted in An Giang, Dien Bien and Nghe An province. After the fieldtrip in An Giang with positive preliminary findings, from November 27th to November 29th 2013, HSPI continued to survey in Nghe An and Dien Bien province, simultaneously. In each province, HSPI worked with: Provincial Department of Health, Provincial General Hospital, Provincial HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Centers, District Health Centers, and OPCs.

Picture: Working with leaders of Provincial HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Centers in Dien Bien province

After the two surveys, HSPI has collected useful information and evidences for continuously synthesizing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions, and base on that, the institute will suggest fundamental and necessary conditions for integration.

1: MoH report on HIV/AIDS as of 31 May 2013
2: Viet Nam estimation and projection, 2007 - 2012. MoH, VAAC, 2009
3: Report Number 04 /BC-AIDS dated 11 January 2013, VAAC

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