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Researches Medical sociology and HIV/AIDS
Survey results about KABP of drug addicts groups in Quang Ninh

Survey results about KABP of drug addicts groups

in Quang Ninh

Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al

Place of publication: Vietnam-Germany technical co-operation project

about AIDS prevention

Year of publication: 1998


Objectives: To describe the reality of the habit of drug use and sexual behaviour, knowledge and the level of access to information channels about HIV/AIDS prevention of the addicts group.

Subjects: Drug addicts at the age of 15-60 who have been using or have used drug in the last six months.

Place of study: Ha Long city, Cam Pha town, detention centre of Quang Ninh police.

Methods: Survey using ANKET, in-depth interview and group discussion.

Findings: The majority of the addicts are males of young age, unemployed or with unstable jobs, single, of low level of education. Most of them started to use drug between 1993 and 1997. The main reason is having been enticed or imitating others. The proportion of people knowing about the use of clean syringes is fairly high compared to the proportion of people doing so. The main reason of recurrence is the impossibility to get rid of the drug pleasant feeling and the idleness. Sexual behaviour of this group is of high level of openness compared to other groups. The awareness of the effect of condoms in HIV/AIDS prevention is not high. The general expectation of drug addicts is to have a job and to be sympathized.

Recommendations: Maintaining the activities of peer groups in the community to assist the addict group in reducing the risk of being infected; Increasing communication and education activities about safe injection; promoting the role of schools, families and social organisations in controlling and educating young people; Distributing free syringes and condoms for some special subjects.


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