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The 12th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting – Hanoi, 15-19/09/2014

The ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting is senior health forum of Southeast Asia, being alternately held every two years due to countries in the region.  In 2014, Vietnam hosted the first ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting, which took place in 4 days from 15 – 19/09/2014 in Hanoi.

Under the theme “Better Health for ASEAN Community after 2015”, the 12th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting will focus on discussing and settling the outstanding medical problems of the area, listened to the report of the activities  implementation of the specialized working groups within the framework of the ASEAN Master Plan on Cultural Community, strengthening cooperation with foreign partners such as China, South Korea, Japan, with the goal of taking care, protecting and enhancing people health in the region. This meeting had the participation of 10 ASEAN countries and three countries China, Korea, Japan -each delegation including the Ministers of Health and senior officials accompanied the Minister. In addition, the Meeting also had the participation of the ASEAN Secretariat, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Director of the World Health Organization of Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, and guests from the international organizations such as UNFPA, UNICEF, World Bank, ADB, EU.

Vietnam Ministry of Health, as a meeting organizer, has mobilized the participation of Departments and Institutes under the Ministry, as well as participation from Hospitals and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Health Strategy and Policy Institute is a unit in the role of professional consulting / engineering for leadership of the Ministry / discuss the content of the conference and participate in the following activities: Rapporteur (Preparation and synthesis report), Liason Officer (the contact person), and welcoming delegates.

The meeting is an opportunity for Vietnam to strengthen international cooperation in the health sector, with efforts to build a united community among nations and peoples of ASEAN, to build a sharing, caring society and improve the  living standards and welfare of people, raising the reputation of Vietnam in the region and around the world.

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