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The need for safety equipments at home and in farming activities

The need for safety equipments at home and in farming activities


Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al


Place of publication: Department of preventive health

Year of publication: 2004


Objectives: To identify the potential risk of injuries at home and in farming activities.

Subjects: Households in Thinh Liet commune, Ha Noi; Da Trach commune, Hung Yen province; Loc Thuy commune, Thua Thien Hue province; Binh Lang commune, Long An province.

Methods: Collection and analysis of available information, in-depth interview, group discussion, household survey.

Findings: The potential risk of injuries is higher in the places with low living standard and undeveloped socio-economic conditions. The proportion of injuries occuring at home is much higher than in that in farming activities. Burns are the most common type of injuries occuring at home, followed by falls, wounds caused by sharp objects and animal bites. In farming activities the most common type of injuries is wounds caused by sharp objects, then wounds caused by farming instruments, soil and rice grains throwed into eyes.

Most of the safety equipments at home and in farming activities being used are made from popular materials and of reasonable price, but are not used by many households because of the lack of awareness of their necessity as well as the skills to use them.

The use of safety equipments by people is due to propaganda or immitation. Many households do not use safety equipments because of inability to afford them or inconvenience of use.

Recommendations: To promote communication and education activities in the community; to build inspecting boards for safety equipments; To encourage the creation of safety equipments from available materials in the community and introduce the list of safety equipments from different materials to people.


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