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Workshops for construction consultancy of basic health service packages in Vietnam

In the framework of construction activities for basic health service packages in Vietnam, under the direction of Deputy Minister of Health - Prof. Ph.D. Pham Le Tuan, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute held a consultation workshop for construction consultancy of basic health service packages in Vietnam on 31/3/2016 in Ha Noi. The objective of the workshop is to unify the concept, scope and approaches in building basic health service packages based on the health insurance payments. Hosted the workshop was Prof. Ph.D. Pham Le Tuan, Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Nguyen Minh Thao - Deputy General Director of Vietnam Social Insurance.  Participants of the workshop include representatives of the Ministry of Finance; representatives the Ministry of Health; Department of Military Medical and the Social Insurance Agency - Ministry of Defence; Department of Health - Ministry of Public Security; the Department of Health in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam, Bac Ninh; the Central Hospital; the provincial hospital, district hospital, private hospital; and the Association/Organization domestic and international.

At the workshop, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute presented an overview of international experience in concept, scope, and approach in building basic health service packages.  Accordingly, the concept and scope of basic health service packages vary according to each country's context, but all towards the common goal: to ensure every citizen to have access to essential services, clinically effective, taking cost-effectiveness and affordability, thereby improving efficiency limited financial resources, enhance the fairness of the health system and focus on resources to priority issues in health care . The review also pointed out that approach in building basic health service packages vary according to priorities and specific objectives of each national state, however most of the country comes from the services availability and respecting the history. On that basis, the Institute has taken the approaches proposed for building basic health service packages by health insurance funds paid in the context of Vietnam. Content recommendations emphasize that the basic health service packages in Vietnam will be a joint and single packages, including a list of technical services / drugs are classified by level. Besides, the Institute also recommended in the context of Vietnam, the determination of basic health service packages should start with a list of technical services / existing drugs and will adjust according to the the direction selecting the technical services / essential drugs taking into account of cost-effectiveness, focusing on the services of primary health care.

Also in the workshop, all participants were listened to the point of view of Dr. Kari Hurt, the World Bank, the Prevention Bureau of HIV/AIDS - The HFG/USAID organisation presented the Health Service Package development in Viet Nam, the examination, healing of HIV/AIDS patients and estimate the costs; and the representatives of the Finance Department, Ministry of Heath also updated the overall progress of the basic health service packages development. In the discussion, all participants shared their experiences and opinions about the range and the approach in the development of the basic health service packages that will be paid by the Health Insurance in Viet Nam. 

In the end of the workshop, the Deputy Minister of Health, Prof. Phd . Pham Le Tuan affirmed the successful of the Workshop and he went into the conclusion that the Health Service Package in Viet Nam will continue growing based on the History legacy, continue developing the service package which is paid by the Health Insurance, and the medicine/technical for all 3 routes in the health system will be included. 

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