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Evaluation of training activities for commune health stations staff and village health workers in some provinces in the framework of the project sponsored by GAVI (22/07/2014)

The research "Evaluation of training activities commune health stations staff and village health workers in some provinces in the framework of the project sponsored by GAVI" is one of researches that Ministry of Health assigned to the Health Strategy and Policy Institute in order to assess the results of training activities of the project “Strengthening of the primary health care system – HSS” for health staff at the grassroots level on immunization practices and maternal health care for children.

Meeting on evaluation of scientific research: “Assessing the real situation of donation, removal and transplantation of tissues and organs in Vietnam” (07/07/2014)

Transplantation of tissues and organs is the ultimate treatment and effective for patients with tissue damaged, irreversible. So far, this technique has not stopped developing and is recognized as one of 10 inventions in science and technology that changed the life of mankind in the 20th century. In Vietnam, tissue grafting techniques, has been carried out early from the 50s and continue growing. Currently, Vietnam has been able to conduct multiple of organ transplantation, such as kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, bone marrow, cornea ... However, like many countries around the world, the demand for tissue and organ transplantation in Vietnam is very high in while the tissue and organs’ source for transplantation is limited. The cause of this condition is due to the donation of tissue and organs after death to help sick people is not yet known and response.

Appraisal meeting of planning adjustment on medical career development in Hai Duong province in 2020 and orientation towards 2030 (01/07/2014)

On 03/04/2008, the People's Committee of Hai Duong Province issued Decision No. 1144/QD-UBND of development planning on medical career in Hai Duong to 2015 and orientation towards 2020. After 5 years of implementation, many basic criteria approved in the master plan was completed in 2020. In addition, the socio-economic context and health care needs of the local people had a lot of changes, as well as the overall development plan of Vietnam Health System in 2020 and orientation towards 2030. Requiring the planning development of the Health System in Hai Duong province in 2020 to be adjusted and supplemented to timely satisfy the requirements of the new situation.

Consulatation workshop on "Topic selection for Health Technology assessment in Vietnam" (18/06/2014)

Within the framework of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) development plan in Vietnam, Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI) organized a consultation workshop on topic selection forHTA in Vietnam on June 12, 2014 at Fortuna hotel in Hanoi. The purpose of this workshop was to get comments and feedback on criteria used to select topics for HTA in Vietnam and to collect proposed topics from stakeholders

Implementation of health technology assessment in Viet Nam (09/06/2014)

In the context of Vietnam’s efforts to achieve universal health coverage through Health Insurance, one of the most concerned issues is to improve the performance of health system, especially in terms of financial resource allocation and use. With the purpose of supporting policy-makers in making evidence-informed decisions, health technology assessment (HTA) is considered as an effective tool to improve the efficiency of health system. Therefore, development of HTA is being paid attention by the Ministry of Health (MoH). In order to ensure a close and effective coordination between policy makers, research institutions and other stakeholders, Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI) is assigned as the focal point for coordinating HTA activities in Vietnam.

Conference for the implementation of the national policy for alcohol related harms prevention up to 2020 in Lam Dong (26/05/2014)

Following the success of the “Conference for the implementation of the national policy for alcohol related harms prevention up to 2020” in Hanoi. On 16 May.2014, the Conference for the implementation of the national policy for alcohol related harms prevention up to 2020 in Da Lat city, Lam Dong Province along with the presence of representatives of the People's Committee, Department of Public Security, Industry and Trade Department, the Department of Health of the 33 provinces in the South.

67th World Health Assembly (23/05/2014)

The 67th Session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) takes place 19-24 May 2014 in Geneva, with the participation of 194 member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO). Vietnam delegation led by the Deputy of the Minister of Health Prof. PhD.Le Quang Cuong with the participation of representatives from the Department/ Bureau of the Ministry of Health, universities, hospitals and research institutes including the Health Strategy and Policy Institute.

A critical analysis of purchasing arrangements of health services in Vietnam (29/04/2014)

In Vietnam, since “renovation” in 1986, the health system had transformed from being fully subsidized by the state into being funded by various sources, including: state budget, health insurance and out-of-pocket payment by patients. In which, the financial resources from the health insurance fundwere considered as an important and sustainable measure for moving towards UHC. However, after nearly 20 years in operation, purchasing arrangements ofhealth servicesby Health insurance (HI) fund still existed many difficulties and shortcomings related to the benefit package, provider payment method and capacity of health service delivery, which affectedthe efficiency of HI policy implementation as well as the performance of the health system.

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