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Construction of health socialization model to ensure equity and effectiveness in health care for people in Hai Phong

Construction of health socialization model

to ensure equity and effectiveness in health care for people in Hai Phong


Nguyen Thi Kim Chuc, Nguyen Khanh Phuong, Dao Lan Huong,

Duong Huy Luong, Vuong Lan Mai


Place of publication: Health strategy and policy institute

Year of publication: 2003

Objectives: 1. Develop a suitable health socialization model to meet the health care needs at the locality; 2. Pilot the model; 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the model.

Methods: Field survey, analysis of available documents, analysis of the principles of model construction.

Findings: The pilot model included the following main members: ward people's committee, health care committee, ward health centre, private health and households. The contents of socialization intervention included: (1) Reinforcing the organisation, the role and effectiveness of the ward health care committee; (2) Examination and treatment for people with health insurance cards at the ward health station. (3) Establishing health management mechanism for households in the ward; (4) Strengthening communication and education about health socialization.

After o­ne year of implementation, the pilot model has achieved primary results, in particular: 54% of the households were examined and distributed health management books in the first six months of 2002; there were 601 turns of insured people visiting the health station for examination and treatment in the eight first months of 2002; The number of insured patients visits at the ward health station in the eight months of 2002 was 1,4 times bigger than that of the whole year 2001; the number of poor people to come for treatment and free medicine increased.

Recommendations: It is necessary to issue a national standard about ward health stations according to the socio-economic situation and health care needs of the wards; implement the model of health socialization at the ward level based o­n the two main factors: increasing the awareness of the responsibility in health care activities and strengthening the role and activities of the health care committee; reinforcing community health management of the ward health station; more research is needed o­n thehealth care activities for people with health insurance cards of the ward.


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