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The effectiveness of the village health workers network at Tua Chua district, Lai Chau province

The effectiveness of the village health workers networkat Tua Chua district, Lai Chau province


Vu Thi Minh Hanh et al

Place of publication: Health strategy and policy institute

Year of publication: 2002


Objectives: To increase the effectiveness of village health workers in some difficult areas.

Subjects:Village health workers, managers and people of the villages.

Methods: In-depth interview, group discussion and household survey

Findings: The village health network in Tua Chua was formed early, but was basically voluntary in nature. Until now 84% of the communes have health workers. In the early 1990s, Tua Chua became o­ne of the first mountainous districts in the whole country to build up village health network.

People's knowledge about diseases prevention and treatment was gradually improved after ten years of strengthening the village health workers network. Activities of village health workers in Tua Chua have been effective not o­nly medically, but also politically and socially. The achieved results from their activities are very important in reinforcing people's belief in the Government.

However, village health workers stillhave to face some difficulties affecting their work: limited education level, too short training period, outdated medical instruments, lack of medicine...

Recommendations: The localities should be active in building up village health network, develop training plans and long-term use of this network. The criteria to select village health workers ahould be adapted to suit the real situation. They should be provided with necessary professional knowledge, medical instruments and essential midicine and not overloaded with too many duties. Encouraging policies should be increased to make them more attached to the work.


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