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Workshop Sharing the assessment results on long-ter care for the elderly in VietNam



On 27/7/2017, at La Thanh Hotel in Hanoi, the Heath Strategy and Policy Institute  with assistance of the HelpAge International and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) held a workshop “Sharing the assessment results on long-ter care for the elderly in VietNam”. This workshop was organized to share the results of the rapid assessment of the current status of the elderly's health care needs in Vietnam, the international experience of long-term care for the elderly, and consult with experts in health sector and relevant organizations on measures to strengthen the long-term care for the elderly in Vietnam.



Attended and chaired by the workshop was Prof. PhD. Pham Le Tuan, Deputy Minister of Health and representatives from some of the Department / Department of the Ministry of Health; General Population and Family Planning Office; Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Social Insurance of Vietnam; National Committee for the Elderly; The Vietnam Elderly Association; Central Gerontological Hospital; Hai Duong Province's Population Department and Thanh Ha District Population Center; Private nursing facility; The Health Strategy and Policy Institute and a number of representatives from international organizations including the World Health Organization; HelpAge International; HelpAge Vietnam and the Asian Development Bank in Vietnam.

After listening to the speakers presenting the results of a quick assessment of the current status of care needs for the elderly in Viet Nam; Model and global trend of long-term care for the elderly; Caring for the Elderly in the Community and the Interreligious Club Model in Vietnam; Delegates had a very active discussion and provided comments for the presentation at the workshop as well as recommendations related to long-term care strategies for the elderly in Vietnam.

At the end of the discussion session, Deputy Minister of Health Pham Le Tuan highly appreciated the participants' comments for the workshop and emphasized that long-term care for the elderly in Vietnam is a common process, in which social care takes a leading role; Currently, 80% of the elderly are receiving care at home and in the community, but carers now still lack knowledge, there should be a strategy to improve their knowledge. Long-term care for the elderly should be a cross-sectoral activity, , co-ordinated work among the various sectors of society; Short-term and long-term plans need to be identified to meet the needs of long-term care for the elderly. The participants were totally satisfied with the outcome of the workshop.

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