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Workshop Building Strategy on development of the Health Strategy and Policy Institute period 2016-2020, vision to 2025 (Vinh Phuc, 22 -23/08/2016).

With the objective to recognize the current status of the unit operations in the period 2011 - 2015, as well as identify opportunities and challenges for developing the strategic direction for the period 2016-2020, vision to 2025, in two days 22 and 23/08/2016, in Vinh Phuc, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute organized a workshop “Building Strategy on development of the Health Strategy and Policy Institute  period 2016-2020, vision to 2025” with the participation of leaders of the Institute, leaders of Department together with consultants from the program of international health policy (IHPP), Ministry of Health of Thailand.

The workshop was divided into three main sections. Each section contains the entire session and group work sessions, with the assistance of international experts in the coordination and synthesis activities discussed.

The first section discussed the results of assessing the operational status of the Institute, including the content of: i) Some common information (about the functions and tasks, organizational structure and human resources, facilities and equipment, financing of the Institute), ii) the results of implementing the tasks of research to provide evidence and policy advice (together with the lessons learned), and iii) SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Based on these limitations, shortcomings were noted in the evaluation, the workshop participants divided into working groups to identify the the root causes causing this situation. Then, the results of the group work were synthesized in plenary session, with products as the group causing the root causes limitations and shortcomings in the activities of the Institute.

The second section looked into the objectives and the future that are directed to the Institute, according to which, the group continues to work to determine: i) The main products of the Institute in 2021, ii) Target Audience of the Institute’s products, and iii) the Institute's own strengths than the other units, while the group also discussed building a vision and specific missions for the Institute in the coming period. The results are summarized in the plenary session, the products are the factors that make up the image of the Institute in 2021, along with the draft of the vision and mission of the Institute.

The third section is based on the results of two previous sections, the working groups offering practical solutions to address the the root causes leading to the limitations, existing gaps, as well as help the Institute achieve the development objectives in the period 2016 - 2020 and gradually achieve the vision and mission set out. These solutions have also been synthesized and unity in the plenary session of the workshop.

Ending the workshop, the content discussed and presented are getting the consistency and high trust of the participants. The Health Strategy and Policy Institute will continue to work with experts to finalize the Strategy on development of the Institute for the period 2016-2020, vision to 2025 in the near future.

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